VoIP System

Why do small Businesses need a Business VoIP system?

Business VoIP systems offer high-definition voice calling, video and audio conferencing, team messaging, unlimited extensions, cloud PBX with auto-attendant, and other features and functionality your organization needs, all in a single platform. It integrates with your mission-critical productivity business apps to further empower your business to keep up with large enterprises. With the ability to place calls over the internet comes huge cost savings. It uses your existing internet connection instead of the regular telephone lines so you don’t have to pay for fees imposed by the phone company. This makes long-distance and international calls much cheaper since you’re not utilizing thousands of miles worth of copper wire as with traditional telephony. How companies can benefit from small business VoIP service. Business VoIP systems are clearly becoming the go-to communications solution for smaller companies.

Choosing the best VoIP for small business can go a long way towards making your enterprise more competitive in an economy where every company, big or small, needs every edge it can get. SolutionsBusinessVoIP uses the latest in cloud technology to provide subscribers with a powerful phone solution that not only addresses your office communication needs, but also gives you advantages over your competition. What used to be an alternative to expensive on-premise phone systems is now the go-to communications suite of organizations of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if they’re running a fledgling company with a handful of employees or an established corporate enterprise with its own call center; entrepreneurs are starting to recognize that solutions such as SolutionsBusinessVoIP business phone service are the better choice for the modern workplace.

The advantages of VoIP for small businesses
But what makes this business phone system better than the tried and tested on-premise systems? What exactly made company owners abandon their traditional telephony solutions in favor of this new way of managing internal and external communications?

Here are some reasons, to name a few:

Affordability – VoIP systems became attractive to small businesses because of the promise of low costs. It takes advantage of the internet to significantly reduce call costs. Long-distance rates, in particular, are lower compared to traditional long-distance phone calls. In addition to this, its PBX component is also hosted over the internet, thus effectively reducing expensive hardware requirements like bulky servers or physical PBX boxes.

Mobility – A small business VoIP system like SolutionsBusinessVoIP allows users to communicate even outside of the office. Users can enjoy calling features like advanced call forwarding to route calls to several numbers simultaneously, use virtual extensions from any PC by downloading the free softphone, and take calls anywhere through downloading free calling apps for mobile phones and devices.

Scalability – A good IP phone system for small business grows as an organization grows. SolutionsBusinessVoIP, for example, easily adjusts to any office communication needs. Adding more employees? Simply add virtual extensions. No need for cables and wiring. Need to open a small office in another state? This small business VoIP service can connect multiple offices under one phone; there’s no need for a different business VoIP provider in each location.

Ease of use – With a traditional on-premise system, company owners would need dedicated manpower to manage and maintain. This isn’t a problem with VoIP phone service for business, since it makes it so that communications can be managed via an easy-to-use web interface that is accessible through any internet-enabled device like a PC or a tablet. Once logged in, entrepreneurs already have full command of the system, giving their existing phones features they never had before. Operating hours can even be set based on whether or not personnel are available to take calls at any given time. Also, to maximize the use of the service, providers such as SolutionsBusinessVoIP offer physical plug-and-play VoIP phones for small businesses, which are available for lease or for sale. These phones are similar to regular landlines, except they are designed for VoIP calls.

Affordability, mobility, scalability, and ease of use are just some of the benefits one can get by subscribing to the best small business VoIP solution from SolutionsBusinessVoIP.

  • Traditional landlines
    • Spend thousands of dollars for on-site hardware paid up-front
    • Spend thousands more for complicated implementations
    • Expect contracts with early termination fees
    • Sky-high fees for service and hardware upgrades
    • Additional fees for premium technical support
    • Specially trained IT technicians needed for maintenance
    • Implementation of service change requests often take long
  • VoIP systems
    • On-site hardware not required
    • No charge for fast implementations
    • You’re not tied to monthly contracts
    • Upgrades implemented for free
    • Free customer support all day, all night
    • Self-manage the system using your smart device
    • Add or repurpose lines anytime

Created for business
Offers more than unlimited calling and conferencing, toll-free numbers, and customizable caller IDs. We also provide access to other functionality like texting, faxing, and online meetings–no need to switch systems!

Complete mobility
Use your business number to text, call, and fax from any mobile device. For incoming calls, the call-routing process you’ve set up for your office comes into play.

Easy setup and usage
It only takes a day or less to get your entire office up and running. With full control of your online account, you can customize your phone system and respond easily to the ever-changing business climate.

High-level security and reliability
Eases any worries you may have about security with its highly encrypted networks and different levels of authentication. We make sure communication remains secure over the entire transmission journey.

Unrivaled customer support
Let we show you customer support that is second to none. We are available 24/7, which means you have access to technical support and consultation services any time of day or night.

Best value for money
Leverage the most advanced communications system when you sign up to us. You get billed on a monthly basis and no longer have to worry about maintenance upgrades so costs are minimal.