Should you get a Mortgage Adviser?


Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, so it’s important to get it right. This guide will help you work out whether you should get a mortgage adviser, where to get free advice, how your bank might be able to help and which comparison websites you can check. How to choose …

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How to Create Personal Health Record (PHR)

Personal Health Records

A personal health record (PHR) is a collection of information about your health. It is different from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR), which are owned and stored by your healthcare provider. A PHR is a document that you are in charge of-one that you compile, update, and keep. It can simply …

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What is a Structured Settlement Annuity?

Structures Annuity Settlement

A Structured Settlement Annuity (SSA) provides tax-free, periodic payments over a period of time, specifically designed to meet an injured party’s needs. Specialized consultants facilitate the settlement process, as well as help design and negotiate the structure. Why choose a Structured Settlement? Benefits for the injured party: Features Customized Design: Payments are specifically tailored to meet …

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